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From the desk of Alex Ali Rahmat (Founder of SuccessofBusiness):

Welcome Reader,

You may have come here looking for an answer to your Business and Financial Life challenges.

"You may be exhausted"

Your current business is not doing well or there is just not enough income coming in from your job or salary.

Whether you are working or running a business there are many challenges in attempting to achieve profit growth.

And also many people have ambitions to start their own business or online business, but simply do not know how to start.

I Know How It Feels to Not Get Anywhere in Business
Many people want to grow their personal and business income.

They want EASY ACCESS to the right knowledge, that can help them exactly STEP-BY-STEP.

Or they may already have a business, but do not know how to SCALE and grow their business...

Are you stuck?

Stuck in your life?

Stuck in your job?

Stuck in your business?

What are your Challenges?

Is it your income? How do you get more income?

Some people can search for years to find the answer. Some will find it sooner.
This is what you can learn today, in the next few moments....

Most of us people go to school to get a job that keeps us stuck working from 9 to 5.

A long 8 to 9 hours work everyday.

And yet we never seem to make enough income to grow our wealth and life.

Are You Suffering Everyday Going to Work in Jam Packed Trains?

Do you feel overworked?

Not enough rest? Not enough sleep?

Come back from work and in only a few hours you need to go back to work?

Everyday it's like this. There seems to be no end to this suffering...

You'd worry before going to bed, if you don't have a job, how are you
going to pay the bills?

Pay the mortgage?

How are you going to provide food for your family?

You'd wake up at 3 am in the middle of the night, worrying.

And all the way to 6am you wake up to drag yourself to work, worrying again. You ask yourself, is there a way out?

What if you could LEARN how to DOUBLE YOUR PROFITS?

Not only knowledge, but a whole wholistic system of learning to guide tou step-by-step with the ultimate process.

And once you learn how, you can be confident that you can overcome all your challenges above.

From my experience many people and business owners seek an escape
from their 9 to 5 working life.

They want more time to spend for themselves.

They want more time to be with their families, sons and daughters.

They want to balance and take care of their mind and body.

And yet have the ability to grow their income and their business.
With the process system I'm about to reveal you can
Because my process system is designed to grow your business by using ways that increase the trust your market has in your product.


Furthermore and what's amazing about this system is that it is also a lead generation machine.

If you can double your leads then you have a great chance at double your profits.


I've just given you two starting tips. In the course, I will show you the exact STEP-BY-STEP way and the technologies you can use to achieve the above that is, I shall repeat here:

1. getting more trust from your prospects 2. geting more leads so it's easier to convert into sales and ultimately profits. You may have read and read. And yet still looking for the answer.

The answer is in a well thought out system...
A system that enables you to focus on what truly matters in growing your business profits and even growing a better quality of your life.

Remember this:

"The rate at which you achieve success,
depends on your ability to follow certain processes..."

If you read the above, and do not understand. Read it again. And again, until you do.

And once you understand, the path shall be clear. Your mind shall be clear. And there shall be clarity of thought.

Observe deeply and You Shall Discover:

If you observe deeply, you can start to see patterns that have made the most successful people
successful. And patterns that made the most successful companies, well successful. These
patterns are processes. Processes which can be followed...

These certain processes can be optimised to improve the rate at which you achieve success.

Many world renowned successful people have
used this very same SUCCESS FORMULA
to build their empire.

These notable people include:

Steve Jobs (Apple Inc), Larry Page (Google Boss), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Jeff Bezos (Amazon.com), Richard Branson and many more...
Unetbiz is here to help you realise your dream for a better business and life.


This Course is Not for Everyone
Not For Lazy People Looking to Get Rich Quick

The course teaches you the process methods to enable you to build a business and market
your business in the most efficient way. It is not a get rich quick system,
because NO such system exists.

Not For Those Not Wanting To Take Action

Some people like to learn, but they do not take action. If you do not take action,
you'll get no where. It's important to take that first step, to begin your journey...

Who is this Online Course for?

Entrepreneurs & Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Those with a current business or aspiring business man / business woman
will find that the Unetbiz Internet Business Generator course offers
them insights & knowledge into building their business website
fast. Not just build, but actually learn how to earn money/profits from
their business website.

Working People & Sales/Marketing Professionals (Employed)

Anyone with a job who wants to earn a sideline income.

Unemployed People

People who are sitting around doing nothing or those who find it hard
to get a job. Now you can start your own income producing online business.

Retired People

People who are used to working may find it bored when they retire.
Learn to start your own hobby business & make some money at the same time.

Anyone Can Do It, If You are Serious Enough

Yes anyone can do it. Yes, with the Double Your Profits course, you too can start and profitably grow your very own Online Business.

It is essential that you are serious about starting your business. And be the entrepreneur you want to be.

The Secret of Scaling Your Business

How do you GROW from $100 to $1,000?

How do you GROW from $1,000 to $10,000?

How do you GROW from $10,000 to $100,000?

How do you GROW from $100,000 to $1,000,000?

Ultimately, How do you GROW from $1,000,000 to $100,000,000?


What is it exactly, do you scale?

It is PROCESS SYSTEMS... You scale process systems. Because by scaling processes, you know
exactly what to scale. And this exactness is the essential key element in our online course.

In a few moments I will inform on
How You can ACCESS this Online Course:

But do remember, to work on your mindset, to believe in yourself and
focus, focus, focus which is most essential for success. (This is the
(A) element of the A+K+T Formula of Success. Remember that the A element
stans for your INNER ATMOSPHERE)

It is in the process that lay the KEY to Doubling of Profits... and it is this Process I will be revealing in the DYP course

There is a saying:

"From a seed, the Tree grows.

Provide yourself with the seed of knowledge.

From knowledge, you build your first business.

And then you branch out, like that of the branch of the tree.

As time goes by, you have many branches & that's where you'll savour the fruits."


See the Full (non-blur) EASY-TO-USE course interface INSTANTLY, when you enroll today...  

We'll teach you in our EASY to follow
Course which can be Easily Accessed
Online to Learn:

  1. How to set your mindset for starting and growing your business in double figures.

  2. Introduction to the DYP Funnel, the Secret process used by top businesses to accelerate to double digit growth.

  3. Step-by-step on how to easily setup the Blogging Technology that forms a vital part of the Funnel Process Profit-Multiplier.

  4. Creating your Lead-Page to generate leads for your business online, all without any programming?

  5. And all set-up in less than a day

  6. Step-by-step to creating your opt-in form

  7. Follow this one technique that can easily turn your online business website into a
    cash generating asset.

  8. How to manage your prospects and leads that
    come to your business Lead-Page?

  9. How you can use this amazing Trust Traffic technique to get people to come to your website?

  10. And then convert these visitors into your sales & profits...

Phase 2
  1. The Secret Email Technique to convert your List into Paying Customers

  2. Using Email to educate your list

  3. How to setup your blog posts to educate your prospects and gain more trusts. As the more trust your prospect had, the higher chance of conversion to a sale.

  4. How to convert visitors from your blog to your Sales-Page. This is a most vital tactic, if you ever want to see cadh coming inyo your bank account

  5. Step-by-step how to create your Sales-Page using easy to use software

More Than Just A Course:

  • The ONLINE ACCESS provides PRACTICAL worksheets for you to practice and layout the strategies.

  • Access to the most Optimised Technology Networks. Remember that the (T) element
    in the A+K+T Formula states that to accelerate success, it is beneficial to use
    technology to lower cost, yet increase output.


You can Learn the techniques now Instantly,
with the Power of Online Training:

If I was to put myself in your shoes and ask myself if I need
to buy such an effective SYSTEM to start and double my business, how much would I pay for it?

With the amount of work I had out in to develop the DOUBLE YOUR PROFITS ONLINE COURSE, over the years,
$2498 is ideal. That's what participants pay to go to my live seminar.

But of course this is ONLINE COURSE + SYSTEM and it would not
be right to charge that amount. NO.

$998 also no.

I know what I'm worth, but I know that still is an expensive amount for you.

Yes Alex Ali,
I Want My
"Start a Profitable Online Business
Online Course":

I want to get started today:

I understand I'll get instant access to the START A PROFITABLE ONLINE BUSINESS course
for my one-time payment of only


I know I need to act immediately, before the price goes up...

After my payment goes through, I'll get instant access



P.S.: Upon payment, you will be instantly redirected to the access page for the online course.

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